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Algeria , Thursday 27 February 2020

News Algeria Bugia: How the Fibonacci sequence has an Indian connection

Published on: Sunday 24 November 2019
How the Fibonacci sequence has an Indian connection
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As people celebrated the Fibonacci Sequence day on the 23rd November, which when written as 11/23, signifies the concept of Fibnocia sequence itself. A Twitter user ranted about how the discovery should be credited to Indian mathematics and not the Bonacci, who helped popularise it in the world.

News Algeria Bugia: Strategies for Trading Fibonacci Retracments

Published on: Saturday 04 August 2018
Strategies for Trading Fibonacci Retracments
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His father Guglielmo Bonaccio worked at a trading post in Bugia, now called Béjaïa, a Mediterranean port in northeastern Algeria. The young Leonardo studied mathematics in Bugia, and during extensive ...

News Algeria Bugia: Fibonacci's 'Numbers': The Man Behind The Math

Published on: Saturday 16 July 2011
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"They recorded everything in good old Roman numerals and if they wanted calculations, they went down the street to someone who was adept at using a physical abacus," Devlin tells NPR's Scott ... ...

News Algeria Bugia: The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci's Arithmetic Revolution [Excerpt]

Published on: Thursday 07 March 2013
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Leonardo learned about the Hindu-Arabic number system, and other mathematics developed by both Indian and Arabic mathematicians, when his father brought his young son to join him in the North African ...

News Algeria Bugia: Total Eclipse of the Sun July 18, 1860.

Published on: Sunday 24 February 2019
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galette, Bilhoa, Pampciona, &c. The Ba[???]rian Astronomer proposes to place himself near the mouth of the Ebro, on the Mediterranean, and the French will occupy Palma, in Majorca, and Bugia, in ...