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Algeria , Thursday 20 February 2020

News Algeria Gardaya: Algeria aims to boost tourism with an electronic visa system

Published on: Wednesday 12 February 2020
Algeria aims to boost tourism with an electronic visa system
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The Casbah of Algiers, the fascinating history of Oran, the Ghardaïa oasis, the national parks in Kabylie... Algeria has so much to offer to travelers in search of destinations largely untouched by ...

News Algeria Gardaya: Algeria’s president reshuffles governors

Published on: Sunday 26 January 2020
Algeria’s president reshuffles governors
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The Algerian Presidency stated in a statement that Tebboune appointed two new governors for the governorates of Annaba and Ghardaia. In contrast, he appointed delegated governors for each of the ...

News Algeria Gardaya: Holy Week and Easter Pilgrimage in Algeria

Published on: Thursday 16 January 2020
Holy Week and Easter Pilgrimage in Algeria
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The UK branch of the Carmelite secular institute, Notre Dame de Vie is organising an Easter pilgrimage to Algeria. Inspirited by the Christian martyrs and in solidarity with the local Church, a small group of pilgrims will set out on 2nd April 2020 on unique journey through walking in t...

News Algeria Gardaya: Muslims reopen a Tizi-Ouzou church, closed by the authorities

Published on: Monday 21 October 2019
Muslims reopen a Tizi-Ouzou church, closed by the authorities
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For the first time in contemporary Algerian history, Muslims support Christians. The popular movement remains united against the regime’s deceptions. Since January 2018, the authorities have put seals on 15 Christian places of worship.

News Algeria Gardaya: Algeria Travel Guide

Published on: Monday 25 February 2019
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Algeria, dormant since the early 1990s, has increased slowly but steadily since 2004, thanks in no small part to the region’s improving security and unspoiled, abundant natural beauty. Despite the ...

News Algeria Gardaya: Political Instability in Algeria

Published on: Thursday 07 March 2019
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Protest movements in Algeria have historically targeted discrete goals, like providing social services, promoting human rights, or fighting corruption—or they have been limited to cities such as ...

News Algeria Gardaya: Noumerate Airport, Ghardaia, Algeria [ GHA / DAUG ]

Published on: Thursday 09 May 2019
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Looking for information on Noumerate Airport, Ghardaia, Algeria? Know about Noumerate Airport in detail. Find out the location of Noumerate Airport on Algeria map and also find out airports near to ...

News Algeria Gardaya: Algeria: Judicial Harassment of Human Rights Lawyer

Published on: Monday 06 May 2019
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Dabouz told Human Rights Watch that the court-imposed check-in requirement in Ghardaia prior to his trial ... In a resolution on Algeria passed on April 28, 2015, the European Parliament noted ...