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Algeria , Thursday 20 February 2020

News Algeria Souk Ahras: Massacre in Algeria

Published on: Tuesday 07 May 2019
Massacre in Algeria
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The ensuing upheavals dominated the political life of Algeria, which grew increasingly independent ... North Constantine, bounded by the towns of Bougie, Sétif, Bône and Souk-Ahras, was under army ...

News Algeria Souk Ahras: Algerians take to streets in largest anti-government protest in decades

Published on: Friday 08 March 2019
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“For days, Algeria has been witnessing an unprecedented peaceful revolutionary ... southwest of the capital, Constantine and Souk Ahras, in the country’s northeast, Mascara in the northwest, the ...

News Algeria Souk Ahras: Practical joker Makhloufi stays calm to defeat best 1500m runners in the world

Published on: Friday 10 May 2019
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The 2013-2016 IAAF Strategic Plan has six Core Values ... Makhloufi comes from the community of Souk Ahras, close to the eastern border of Algeria, with Tunisia. He moved to Algiers and joined GSP ...

News Algeria Souk Ahras: Desalination, efficient means to consolidate water security in Algeria

Published on: Monday 06 May 2019
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Algeria produces 3.3 billion m3 annually, one-third of which comes from dams and groundwater, the minister said, noting that regarding Tebessa, more than 90% of water comes from the groundwater and ...