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Algeria , Thursday 27 February 2020

News Algeria Tipasa: Algeria: Brahimi - Anticorruption Process to Continue, Justice to Restore Stolen Funds

Published on: Monday 01 July 2019
Algeria: Brahimi - Anticorruption Process to Continue, Justice to Restore Stolen Funds
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TIPASA-State will rigorously continue the anticorruption process and the efficiency of judicial proceedings prosecutions lies in the restoration of stolen funds, Justice Minister, Slimane Brahimi announced Monday.

News Algeria Tipasa: Algeria: Authorities must stop prosecuting peaceful protesters

Published on: Thursday 28 March 2019
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Algerian authorities must stop prosecuting peaceful protesters ... A few days earlier, a judge from Tipasa and a lawyer from Constantine were summoned for voicing their support for the protests. ...

News Algeria Tipasa: Tipasa Roman Ruins

Published on: Tuesday 19 March 2019
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When you set foot in Tipasa, you see exactly why this plot of land has long been a prime piece of Mediterranean real estate. Among honeyed beaches, shady pine trees, and gently rolling hills, the ...

News Algeria Tipasa: Algerian Muslim Rebel Chief Reportedly Slain

Published on: Monday 29 April 2019
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Algerian newspapers had been reporting since Monday a major military operation in the region around the town of Tipasa, about 40 miles southwest of Algiers, an area where the GIA has been especially ...

News Algeria Tipasa: Algeria: Abdelghani Hamel Appears Before Prosecutor At Algiers Sidi M'hamed Court

Published on: Thursday 02 May 2019
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The former police chief last Monday had been questioned by the investigation judge at Tipasa court for cases in related to "illegal activities" and "influence peddling."